Covenant Baptist Church

Proclaiming Sovereign Grace

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are the three Sunday services different or are there "repeats"?
A. Each of the services is different. The 10am message is from Bro. John Dodgen. The 11am and 2pm messages are from the pastor. Occasionally other brethren preach. We encourage everyone to attend all three services if possible. (Between the 11am and 2pm services, we have kitchen/dining facilities for any who wish to bring a lunch and stay. On the last Sunday of each month, we have a potluck dinner on the grounds during the noon break.)

Q. Are the services "contemporary" or "traditional" or mixed?
A. By today's standards, most people would consider them traditional. However, we are not frozen in any specific time period. Rather, we follow the regulative principle of worship, which makes worship timeless in style. (The regulative principle is that God must be worshiped only according to the precept and example of the New Testament. Thus, there is no place for the entertaining fads of yesterday or today.)

Q. What should I expect during the lunch break?
A. The last Sunday of each month is a potluck dinner. The other weeks, many of us bring our own lunch and remain at the building. This arrangement allows time for conversation or even a walk. We have full kitchen facilities with refrigerators and microwaves available.

Q. Do you have classes for different age groups?
A. No. We enjoy worshiping with everyone together. The younger children learn much, hearing on an adult level and observing the whole atmosphere of corporate worship. The teaching of children is done best by their own parents.

Q. What do you mean by "sovereign grace"?
A. The term grace is frequently used today. Sadly, it has all but lost its meaning in the minds of many people. Grace has become little more than a passive wish on the part of God that man would do his part in salvation. God is presented as willing to meet man half-way. Together, God and man will accomplish salvation. But without man's cooperation, God's grace has no power to operate. However, in the Bible, grace is a powerful concept! It actually provides a Redeemer and a redemption. It does not helplessly wait on a man to do his part. Rather, it reaches all the way down to where we are, and effectually brings us to God. It gives us that very first desire to be rid of sin and reconciled to God. It sweetly draws us to Christ, making us willing to come each step of the way. It enables us to repent and believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. Furthermore, it sanctifies us in practical obedience. It preserves us all the way to heaven, and enables us to persevere. So to clarify what we believe on this vital subject, we say that we proclaim sovereign grace. This is the true grace of God. It is the great grace that deeply satisfies a hungry soul. It is the only grace that saves!

Q. I have other questions...
A. We will gladly provide the 1689 London Baptist Confession of Faith as well as our Church Constitution to those who request it. We welcome any inquiry. But the best way to learn about a church is simply to visit!